OTT & High-Quality Social Video


Kalumi wanted to utilize video to boost sales across all marketing endeavors, including its online store, paid advertisements, and Amazon store. 


The idea was to convey how eating a Kalumi Bar makes you feel, both inside and out, and to portray the experience as a beautiful moment for yourself.


The final product included four videos total - one dedicated to each flavor, and an "All Flavors" cut to highlight the emotion and benefits you can expect after eating a Kalumi bar.

Services: Creative Direction, Production, Talent Casting, Styling, Copywriting, Music and Final Editing, Implementation for web usage, Amazon store, and paid media.

Video and day-of art direction by Karen Rosaline / Rosaline Agency


Gilly Hicks wanted to launch a brand-new, humorous marketing campaign for use on YouTube and social media. Together with the Summerjax Production Team, we created a hilarious news team and coordinated a script that highlighted different Gilly Hicks star-items in a lighthearted manner without cramming sales down people's throats. As a result, the line is presented in a subtle and fun way.

Services: Director of Comedy, Script Writing, Talent Casting Support

Production by Summerjax for Gilly Hicks