User Generated Video & Stills

Meta Ads, Instagram Reel, and TikTok

Surely Wines

Surely Wines wanted multiple 15–30 second videos to share on social media that featured relatable, natural consumers enjoying their product, emphasizing the benefits of non-alcoholic wine consumption. They wanted to add some levity and comedy to the benefits of Surely Wines. 


We supplied creative direction, a script with comedic aspects, and talent casting. The finished product was edited internally by the Surely team.

Services: Production, Talent Casting, Creative Writing


User Generated Video & Stills

Meta Ads, Instagram Reel, and TikTok

To highlight the functions and benefits of its BEAUTYfood protein bars, Kalumi needed organic social media content. We soruced suitable talent using the influencer software platform and then provided creative direction, creative briefs, mood boards, and conducted final content reviews. 


The content was subsequently used on Kalumi's online store, paid advertisements, and social media marketing.

Services: Creative Direction, Talent Casting, Implementation for web usage and paid media.


Flamme candles required new content to depict "life with Flamme candles," highlighting the ways the candles can enhance different moods and experiences in the home.


From direction to talent casting and prop sourcing to iPhone photography and videography, final edits, paid advertising, and site deployment, we handled every facet of the campaign.

Services: Creative Direction, Production, Art Direction, Set Styling, Location Scouting, Post Production, Implementation for Web Usage, Amazon Listing, and Paid Media.

User Generated Video & Stills

Meta Ads, Instagram Reel, and TikTok

Venue · Orange County Gardens

Meta Ads, Instagram Reel, and TikTok

Pup Socks

Pup socks wanted to depict actual people opening their gifts for the first time. To express the spirit of the product in an authentic and humorous way across social media, paid advertising, and their online store, they wanted to capture real reactions. 


We contributed the creative direction, narrative, and talent casting. The finished material was then edited internally by the Pup socks team.

Creative Writing, Talent Casting, Production

Venue · Orange County Gardens

Instagram Reel and TikTok

COOLA - Conceptual

This project served as a conceptual exercise to highlight how organic social media content can be created using popular music, noises, and other sensory elements.

Creative Direction, Content Creation, Iphone Photography & Videography, Production, Editing