Two girls who love a good party.

Photo by Coe Lottis

Photo by Coe Lottis

A letter from Alex:

A year or so ago on a gray Portland Sunday, Jena and I met for coffee at Upper Left Roasters, one of our favorite places in the Rose City. Looking back, I can’t even remember the real reason for the meeting. Whatever it was, this coffee date quickly became something special. I had been unhappy for a long time in the world of corporate retail as a buyer. I was working seventy and eighty hour weeks and was absolutely exhausted. The weekends were too short, the nights too late and I dreaded coming into the office every Monday morning. I knew I needed a change (like, immediately) or I was going to implode.

That brings me back to our Sunday morning coffee date. Jena was a breath of fresh air for me. She owned a thriving paper goods business, The City Hippy Studio, had a curated vintage clothing shop on Etsy and was somehow juggling all of it with a new baby on the way (and juggling it well, I might add). I admired her drive and her seemingly endless creative talent.

I had a feeling in my gut that something really cool was about to happen. I had just designed and planned my first wedding for a client (you know who you are!) and felt my creative juices flowing for the first time in a long time. What I didn’t know when Jena and I met that day was that she had a gut feeling too. I told her I wanted to break into the wedding and event business, and just didn’t know how the heck to do it. I was creative, I was driven...why hadn’t it happened yet?  

That’s when she said she had been looking for a business partner. I’m not exaggerating when I say that at that moment, we both squealed with excitement. This is what we had both been missing! A partner in crime to bring our vision to life. We felt like Portland was lacking a true “do-it-all”, boutique wedding and event design company.  

A letter from Jena:

Boy am I glad Alex asked me to coffee. She’s being generous when she says I was juggling it all well. The truth is, I was drowning. Every creative entrepreneur I have ever met has had similar problems. The ideas were taking over, and I felt like I was barely scratching the surface of what I wanted to accomplish as a solopreneur, and how I wanted to treat my clients (I hate that word!!! My BRIDES.). I had known I needed a partner for years, but no one quite fit the bill.

Alex and I were blown away (and still are on every project!) by how well our talents and interests complement each other. We care A LOT about weddings. And we remember, from our own weddings, how important the smallest details are when you’re a bride. We don’t think you should be worrying about how your reception will look during your cocktail hour. Or if a hair is out of place during your bridal shoot. And we certainly don’t think you’re a bridezilla if you care about those things.  Your wedding day is the day the planning is DONE. You are there to enjoy your groom, family and friends and revel in the fact that you are about to get freaking married. That’s what we hope to accomplish in this endeavor.

Photo by Coe Lottis

Photo by Coe Lottis

Let’s be friends! (This is not a marketing ploy.)

  1. Let us make the planning process easy and fun -- you should only be taking on things that interest you, outsource everything else!  

  2. Let us be a friend to lean on when the budget is stressing you out, when your fifth bridesmaid is complaining about the dress and when your drunk uncle RSVP’s “yes”.

  3. Let us be your one-stop shop. Wedding planning is getting too freaking overwhelming. How can you be expected to enjoy being engaged when your to-do list is a mile long? We’re hoping that offering everything from coordination to stationery design to event design will help chop that list in half. Or at the very least, save you some moolah, cut out a few vendors and save you a couple of trips to the local Michaels.

We hope this short story about two girls who just really love a good party will give you some insight into who we are and why we do what we do. If you nodded your head “YAAAASSS” at any point in this post, PLEASE don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to grab coffee.


Jena Ralls